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What’s the Connection Between Creativity & Yoga? 

Deviasana, Goddess, in the snow

Deviasana (Goddess pose) in the snow

Private one-on-one coaching in Enhancing Your Creativity Through Yoga is available by appointment for $60 per hour.

Contact me to schedule a one-on-one session or one of the following workshops:

Enhance Your Creativity Through Yoga: Do you secretly wish you were more creative? This three-hour workshop will help you access your inherent creativity through journaling, an hour of yoga practice, right-brained drawing exercises, and your choice of creative fiction or non-fiction writing, business writing, drawing or collage. 3-hrs per session. 6 weeks.  $216

Min: 3 people.  Max: 10 people.

Brainstorm: Whether you’re rebranding your business, planning an event, or taking on a new writing project, mastering the art of brainstorming can make the difference between success and failure. Bring a journal and prepare to get busy. We’ll use journal prompts, group sharing and mentoring to help you generate and refine ideas for your next creative endeavor. 1-hr per session. 4 weeks. $48  

Min: 5 people. Max: 10 people.

Move to Write: Whether you’re working on a business plan, a blog post, or the great American novel, facing the blank page can be daunting. Yoga is a great way to relax and open your creative channels. This two-hour yoga & writing workshop includes one hour of yoga practice and one hour of writing time, with prompts, sharing and mentoring. It is appropriate for all levels of yoga students and writers of all levels and all genres. 2-hrs per session. 6 weeks.  $144

Min. 5 people. Max 10 people.


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